Divine Feline Celebrates 1st Year in Business!

Hello, friends of Divine Feline Cat Care:
I just wanted to wish you a “Happy Spring” (now that it seems like spring is finally and really here) and remind you that we are here to help this summer if you have trips coming up and are looking for someone to take care of your kitties while you are away.
Divine Feline Cat Care celebrates its First Anniversary of being in business this June and we are so grateful to youfor using our services and helping to make our first year a great one! We look forward to many more long and happy years taking care of your treasured pets. So please give us a call, or text or email us, about any travel plans you have coming up. We’d be happy to help!
We’ve also been updating our website and have added a “Photos and Testimonials” section. If you would like us to add photos of your divine feline, just drop me an email. I might already have some if I’ve sent you photo updates on past trips. And, of course, we always welcome any kind words that you would feel comfortable with us posting on our website at www.divinefelinecatcare.com.     : )
Thanks again for all your business and we look forward to continuing to serve you in the future!
Debbie and Sophie

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  1. Posted June 29, 2013 at 5:59 pm by Michele Fox Hoch | Permalink

    I Love Your Story About Thistle. You Are So Right..About How Hard It Can Be When Animals And People Grace Us With Their Presence, And ThenTransitions Happen, And We FeelThe Loss Of Them So DEEPly. How Lucky Are We To HavE Shared Some Space And Time In YOUR Kind And Loving Presence. You Are Sooo Good At This D.K.
    Together Though. And Your Devine Felines, And Their Masters AreSoMuchBetterForHavingYourCareAndLove.

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