About Us

About UsLet’s Face it.

If you have a cat, then you know who’s in charge. And no doubt you wouldn’t have it any other way.

As cat owners, we’re all in the same boat: at the complete mercy of our feline family members and completely happy with the arrangement, for the most part.

But when the boat is ready to sail for a family vacation, when you’re traveling for business, or when you have to be away from home for some other reason, who will take care of your Divine Feline?

We will––by visiting your pet in your home and providing care while you are away to ensure that both of you have a stress-free experience.


Royal Treatment for Your Regal Creature

Divine Feline Cat Care is a labor of love launched by me, a long-time southwest Minneapolis resident, and my daughter Sophie out of our passion for cats and our desire to always see them treated regally — especially when their owners are on vacation, traveling for business, or just want a little extra care and attention for their felines during the day.

I have been a cat owner since I was 9 years old and a young black cat (I named Jinx) followed me home from the corner grocery store on a sunny spring day (also a Friday the 13th). My daughter, Sophie, has been surrounded by cats since birth, the first words out of her mouth being “gagi,” which her father thought meant “daddy,” but which we now know meant “kitty.”

Divine Feline has grown quite a bit (like Sophie!) since we first started the company in 2012 and so we also now have independent contractors who help with visits.

We are insured through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC, and are members of the Professional Pet Sitters of Minnesota, an association of pet-sitting business owners dedicated to promoting the welfare of all animals and raising the standards of the pet sitting industry.

Contact Debbie (and Sophie)!

Text/Phone: 612-386-2152
Email: dkuehn@comcast.net