Photos and Testimonials



We have called Devine Feline for our two cats many times over the last year and have never been less than completely thrilled with the care our kitties have received! Debbie and Sophie are truly cat lovers and are very thoughtful about their work. Even when our cat was diagnosed with diabetes and became insulin dependent, Debbie was able to stop by our house twice per day to administer his shot of insulin for him and she did a tremendous job with it! I would highly recommend Divine Feline to anybody who wishes the best care and attention for their pets, they have been extremely reliable and we are extremely grateful for them! — Heather G.

We are very happy with the cat care service we’ve received from Divine Feline. Debbie and Sophie truly love cats and I always feel comfortable leaving our two cats in their care. Their care and attention to our cats really makes a difference and I can tell the difference in our cats’ behavior when we get home from a long trip. I would highly recommend using Divine Feline for caring for your cats. Not only will they receive great care, but Divine Feline is always very reliable. — Nancy K.

Deb and her daughter Sophie are terrific cat sitters. They are now our go-to cat sitters when we need to be away from home for extended periods. They obviously adore cats and provided Ginger, our orange tabby, with attention and care well above and beyond our expectations.” — Lisa S.

I highly recommend “Divine Feline” cat sitting service! Debbie and Sophie, mother and daughter team extraordinaire, take amazing care of my 17-year-old cat Thistle. They are professional, knowledgable and, most importantly, loving. When I travel (which is a lot these days), I receive updates and pictures of Thistle which always makes me smile. Their customer service is off the charts. Not only do they take time to get to know your cat and their habits and enjoyments, they are always on the lookout to make sure all is well! A couple of weeks ago, Thistle wasn’t acting his normal self. After some discussion and observation, Debbie thought a trip to the vet was in order. Knowing I was out of town and relatively new to St Louis Park and didn’t have a vet of my own, Debbie took Thistle to her vet for me! How awesome! I was so relieved and grateful…especially since it turned out Thistle only had a mild constipation issue :) Thank you, Debbie and Sophie, for all you do for me and Thistle! — Jen M.

Debbie and Sophie have provided excellent care to our cats, making it much easier to enjoy vacation. I really appreciate the communication before and during our time away, not to mention the report card upon return. They are very reliable, and Sophie can even tire out our four-year old kitten with play! — Susan D.