Process & Pricing

Our Process

If you choose Divine Feline to care for your pets, we will meet with you a few days before our first official pet visit. At this introductory meeting, we will:

• Meet you and your cat(s)

• Learn about the routine you have set for your little darling(s)

• Get a set of keys or entry code

• Confirm visiting dates

• Answer any questions you might have about our services

At that introductory meeting, we would also like a deposit on the total invoice, or agreement that you will leave payment in full upon your departure or make full payment upon your return (by check, cash or Venmo). If you leave a partial payment, full payment would be due upon your return.

We would also like a phone number or email address where we can reach you if we have any questions, and where we can send you an initial text or email update about your pet after the first visit and a picture or two later on.   : )

When you return, please notify us as soon as possible by email, text or phone call. You may let us keep your keys for future visits or let us continue to use an entry code. After the first time petsitting, we will not do key pick-ups and drop-offs. If you live in an apartment building with a concierge, we can pick up and drop off keys there on our first and last visits.


Services & Rates

Standard 30-Minute Cat Visit   |   $27/visit

Includes feeding, watering, treats, scooping litter box, playing, snuggling, brushing, meds, etc. We will also bring in mail, open/close shades and windows, alternate lights, etc. We offer incremental blocks of visiting time at $10 per 10 minutes, if you would like us to stay a while longer. Visits outside of our primary service area may be subject to a small gas surcharge.


Twice-Daily Visits   |   $50/day

We will do twice-daily visits (usually morning and afternoon/evening) for $50 per day, offering the same services and caveats.



Some companies charge a surcharge visits on holidays. We do not do that. However, we would like to note that we are only able to do once-daily visits on December 24th (and only up until 1 p.m. that day), December 25th, January 1 and July 4.


Plant Watering   |   No Charge Indoors/$5 or More Outdoors

We will water indoor houseplants at no extra charge. Outdoor watering of gardens, flowers, etc. is $5 or more, depending on number of plants/flowers.


Small Pets   |   Price Varies by Pet

Divine Feline is primarily a cat-care service. However, we will also take care of some other small pets including fish, hamsters, gerbils, etc., after consulting with you on their exact care needs. Rates will be determined at that time.